So far we’ve seen the impact of computer vision in retail, transportation, entertainment and safety, with tangible developments and possibilities.

Arguably, the potential for computer vision is far from reached. Applications could change lives in fields such as disease prevention, farming, self-driving cars and more. But the diversity of the visual world is immense.

Our computer vision clients trust us to help them face this issue, by sourcing talent with the skills and expertise to innovate and tackle core problems such as scene understanding and object recognition.

  • Director of R&D
  • R&D Software Engineer
  • Facial recognition Engineer
  • Software Engineer – Object Recognition
  • Video & Image Compression AI Algorithm
    Senior Exper
  • Computer Vision Software Engineer
  • 3D Vision Research Engineer
  • Human-Computer Interaction Engineer
  • Face Tracking Algorithm Engineer
  • Deep Learning, Image Processing Consultant
  • Computer Vision Scientist
  • Design Engineer – Motion & Optical Sensing
  • Research Scientist – Motion Prediction
  • AI Algorithms Computer Vision Team Lead
  • Robotics Computer Vision Engineer
“I would strongly recommend USA Tech Recruitment for the calibre of work they have delivered, regardless of the seniority of position that needs filling. Transparent advisory services were provided to us as well as our shortlist of candidates for our new Chief Scientific Officer, making the whole process smooth and easy.”
Owner, Median Technologies

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