In a nutshell

Location: Poland, Belgium, France
Sector: Healthcare Tech, Audio, Optical, Imaging, Software
Job titles: Audio DSP R&D Engineers / Audio DSP Researchers /
Computer Vision Developers / Machine Learning Engineers /
Deep Learning Engineers / Embedded Software Engineers /
Linux Kernel Developers
Project timeline: 2018 - Present
Services provided: Contingency search for both permanent and contract positions
within 7 Sensing company across various locations and remote / home option
Placements made: 12

Adapting to your needs

We began working with 7 Sensing Software in 2018 as they were searching for Audio DSP R&D Engineers to join their HQ in Leuven. Within 2 months we had received 4 offers across the Audio and Computer Vision teams in Belgium/France.

From this success, we were introduced to the team in Poland and have since had a further 13 offers for this group within the fields of; Linux Kernel Developers, Embedded Software Engineers, Firmware Developers etc. We have assisted the team in Poland with rapid expansion and the majority of the team is comprised of our engineers, either as permanent employees or B2B consultants.

We are able to adapt to 7 Sensing’s hiring needs, which can change quite often due to the start-up nature of the company. We are now in the process of discussing retained search options for their niche openings.


“We have been working with USA Tech Recruitment for almost 2 years now and we’re eager to continue doing so.

Their team has been able to provide us with a large amount of engineering profiles fitting our needs even for niche profiles/activities.

What is also very appreciated is their ability to change and refocus their search onto our fluctuating needs that are intrinsic to start-up organisations needing to grow and attract talents fast while still updating their business models.”

Engineering Manager, 7 Sensing Software

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